18th century

Mary Shireburne, the Duchess of Norfolk inherited Leagram and the rest of the Stonyhurst estate. When she died in 1754 she left everything to the descendants of her aunt: the Weld family, who still own it today

The map shown here was commissioned by Thomas Weld when he inherited the Leagram estate from his father Edward.

It clearly shows that there had been many fields created within the park since the 1600s by the planting of hedges and building of walls. There are still some large open areas, notably the mosses which at this time were still very boggy, but they were later stripped of their peat and drained.

A document listing rentals from 1665 mentions only two tenants in the park – Andrew Ashton paying £20 a year for a house and farmland, and Richard Wight who rented 'a mansion house, four other buildings and their gardens' for £5 a year. However, by 1774 there were 20 tenants farming 23 holdings.

Many of the field names still reflect the old park areas – such as Hole of the Green, Gate Fields, Pail Meadows.

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  • Stonyhurst © Graham Cooper
  • Portrait of Mary Shireburne (1692-1754) © photo by G Cooper, reproduced by kind permission of the Governors of Stonyhurst College
  • Survey of Leagram in 1774 (LRO DDX 59/1, f70) © reproduced by kind permission of Lancashire Archives