This map was produced in around 1608, again because of the continuing dispute between the Shireburnes and the Duchy of Lancaster, which we believe was then King James I, as on the map there is a reference to the Kings Majesty 'Kinges Majestie' . This map was drawn by a different and more accurate mapmaker, Roger Kenyon of Parkhead in Whalley, an assistant to Moore who drew the earlier map.

This map concentrates on the boundary of the park, and shows no internal subdivisions, although they were almost certainly still in place. The boundary was being contested because Shireburne, who owned the park, had been accused of stealing the King's deer from the Royal Forest of Bowland which lies to the east of the park. It was thought that he had built salters or low sections of fence into the pale to allow the deer to get in, but not out of, the park.

The map also shows the site of the park lodge, where the keeper would traditionally live, or use for seasonal quarters.

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